Reviewing the state of the art of redox flow batteries

Our project aims to develop a highly innovative organic redox flow battery. But how exactly do we guarantee innovation? By doing our homework!

The innovation of the target redox flow battery developed by BALIHT relies on the improvements achieved together by its components, which are designed and tested specifically for high performance in repetitive charging cycles and warmer climates.

To ensure that we are the first and only to develop and apply these technical and technological improvements, the experts of the consortium reviewed and analysed all available literature, and collected information on each component to be developed.

While we carried out an initial review of the state of the art to complete our project proposal, we have gone further and well beyond the minimum requirements. In the end, the consortium updated its review of the state of the art of battery components and requirements. As a result of this effort, the following elements, which will be part of the target battery, have been studied thoroughly:

  1. Organic Electrolyte
  2. Ionic Membrane
  3. Bipolar Electrodes, including bipolar plates and active electrodes
  4. Polymeric Frames and Stack
  5. Electrolyte Flexible Tanks
  6. Battery and Energy Management Systems

We are happily able to reconfirm that no competitive commercial technologies have been identified! Curious to read more about our findings? You can find our review of the current state of the art of organic redox flow batteries in the documents section on our website.

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