Project partners

AliénorEU (Belgium) is a Brussels-based consulting firm specialised in European public affairs in multiple policy areas. The firm oversees the project’s communication and dissemination activities and is responsible for activities related to policy and the regulatory framework.
COBRA instalaciones y Servicios S.A. (Spain) has 70 years experience in maintenance services and activities across various distribution networks. COBRA provides the project with its expertise to ensure optimal market uptake, and coordinates the development of the final prototype of the battery. 
KU Leuven M²S – cMACS – Membrane Technology Group (Belgium) is the largest university in Belgium in terms of research funding, and conducts fundamental and applied research in all academic disciplines. The group provides the project with expertise on membrane development, from laboratory to scale-up, and contributes to various studies throughout the project. 
Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH (Germany) is part of the globally active conglomerate Schunk Group, and specialises in high-tech applications of carbon and graphite materials. Within BALIHT, the firm oversees the development of the separator and electrode materials of the battery and contributes to various studies throughout the project.
Asociación de Investigación de Materiales Plásticos y Conexas (Spain) is a technology centre focused on the plastics industry. AIMPLAS is the project’s coordinator, and develops the battery’s plastic formulations optimised for both heavy-duty use in high temperatures, and for chemical and mechanical resistance.
ETRA Research & Development (Spain) is the hi-tech unit within ETRA Group, one of the leading industrial groups in Spain. ETRA I+D is responsible for the development and implementation of an energy management system in the BALIHT redox flow battery, and contributes to the project’s various studies.
MANN+HUMMEL GmbH (Germany) is a leading global expert in the field of filtration solutions, with applications for motor cars, industrial use, air filtration and sustainable water use. The firm supports the development of the membranes of the BALIIHT battery and contributes to the various environmental, social and economic studies of the project.
Tecnodimension Hinchable, SL (Spain) is a family business founded in 2001 by a group of professionals in the design and production of inflatable structures and textile architecture. The business is responsible for the design and manufacture of the flexible tanks that store the electrolytes and contributes to BALIHT’s environmental, social and economic studies.
CMBlu Energy AG (Germany) develops organic flow batteries for various applications throughout the energy value chain. The company is responsible for developing and building BALIHT’s battery including its electrolyte, and contributes to the environmental, social and economic studies of the project.
KONČAR Digital (Croatia) is a digital solution provider and developer of digital platforms based on open and modular architecture for power engineering, mobility, and critical and urban infrastructure, with advanced analytics and lifecycle management. The firm develops and implements BALIHT’s battery management system software, and contributes to the environmental, social and economic studies.
Autoritat Portuària de Balears (Spain) is the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands, and manages and operates the ports of Palma de Mallorca, Alcudia, Mahon, Ibiza and la Savina. As a potential end-user of BALIHT’s battery, the Port Authority supports COBRA in defining the requirements of the Port that will need to be met in order to optimise the demonstrator battery.
University Leiden. Faculty of Science, Institute of Environmental Sciences CML (Netherlands) is specialised in strategic multidisciplinary research on the sustainable management of natural resources, biodiversity and environmental quality. The group is responsible for life-cycle analysis, social LCA and market acceptance of BALIHT. It also researches regulatory and safety-by-design aspects, and toxicology.
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