KONČAR presents BALIHT at international exhibition ARCA2020, receives Gold Medal award!

On 15 October 2020 BALIHT was presented at the 18th edition of ARCA 2020, an international exhibition of inventions held annually in Zagreb, Croatia.  

Our Croatia-based partner KONČAR provided the attendees with an overview of our groundbreaking projectKONČAR highlighted the manifold advantages of organic redox flow batteries for large-scale energy storage, a crucial element of a climate neutral Europe. 

“I enjoyed presenting the project live after a long time. Visitors and committee members expressed great interest in the BALIHT project, said Lucija Babić, who leads KONČAR’s activities within BALIHT.  

The biggest appraisal came after the explanation that the BALIHT battery’s electrolyte is organic and widely available, unlike most of today’s electrolytes on the market which use hard-to-supply raw materials. Equal praise was given to BALIHT’s future wide range of use cases: from storage for households to large-scale power generation storage facilities, Lucija Babić commented. 

KONČAR is active in the design and construction of complex electric installations for power generation, transmission and distribution. Given the company’s role in our project, KONČAR emphasised during its presentation the innovative operational aspects of the battery management system software it is developing for BALIHT’s future battery.  

The exhibition’s organisers awarded KONČAR with a Gold Medal for its exceptional contribution in the field of innovation.

BALIHT develops a new organic redox flow battery suitable to work up to temperatures of 80°C. Without the need for a cooling system, this innovation allows the battery to be up to 20% more energy efficient than existing organic redox flow batteries.  

You can find the poster presented by KONČAR at the exhibition here. 

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