On 4 Feb 2022, BALIHT consortium met online for the fourth General Assembly of the project. This General Assembly was the occasion to take in account the validation and comments from the European Commission services over the execution of the project during the first part of the project. Work packages leaders were also given the opportunity to explain the activities performed achieved over the past six months.  

For the partners involved in the research on the components and materials, the biggest task was the scale-up from lab-testing to pre-industrial production. Electrolytes and other materials are either already available, currently under production or will be produced following already-established processes, as further research is being undertaken on the components and materials to be integrated in the battery. 

The Battery Management System (BMS) and Energy Management System (EMS) algorithms are mostly defined already and are being adapted to match the developments and characteristics of the components being developed by other research partners. This will ensure that the BMS and EMS are perfectly tailored to the battery features and will successfully monitor and control its activity.  

Now that the design and characteristics of our prototype battery are getting clearer, activities to prepare its installation and integration in Ibiza’s maritime station are ongoing. This comprises administrative and legal paperwork on one hand, and technical adaptations of the battery site installation on the other hand. 

The General Assembly also helped the partners to get a better view on the work currently undertaken to define the business models and the life-cycle assessment of the battery, which will allow BALIHT technologies to integrate the market in an effective way. It was also the opportunity to stress the active participation of BALIHT in various events, such as the International Forum Battery Forum Symposium in July 2021, the EU Sustainable Week 2021 or at the Battery Innovation Days in November 2021. 

It was a pleasure to have all the partners around the virtual table, with discussions and exchanges running smoothly and in a good atmosphere.

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