You can read BALIHT’s fourth newsletter by following this link.

Organic redox flow batteries (oRFBs) are one of the most promising approaches to sustaining a grid powered by the sun and wind, improving grid flexibility and stability. BALIHT project aims to design a new kind of oRFB working at high temperatures with a higher energy efficiency.

Our project started 28 months ago already. With a bit more than a year left before the end of the project, BALIHT is entering in its last phase. Most of BALIHT efforts are now shifting towards the integration, installation and validation our organic redox flow battery prototype in Ibiza maritime station.

This means the finalisation of the research on the different materials and components to be used in our battery. The scale-up at pre-industrial production started for some of them, which is essential for the creation of our battery prototype and, in a longer run, to a series production. On the other hand, work has started to ensure the implementation of our prototype on its installation site in Ibiza harbour, both at the administrative and technical levels.

In parallel of these activities, potential business models and plans for the battery and its key exploitable results have been defined. These analyses will support our battery’s penetration in the market. Life-cycle assessment and regulatory checks currently running are also crucial in that perspective, to make sure that our battery will match all environmental and social legal requirements.

The consortium is highly active on communicating both the progresses of the project and other related news affecting redox flow batteries. BALIHT was represented on virtual booths during the EU Sustainable Week in October 2021 and during the Battery Innovation Days in November 2021, introducing the project to a wide audience coming from European and beyond.

The last months of the project will now focus on the integration of the different tailored and optimised components of our organic redox flow battery to be tested under real conditions in Ibiza. Beyond this immediate objective, BALIHT aims to contribute to Europe’s ambitions to become the first climate-neutral continent thanks to the solution we are developing. Let’s make reliable and economically viable energy supply from renewable energy possible together!

We hope that this fourth newsletter will give you a greater interest in our project, and in redox flow batteries as a whole!

Dr Vicente Vert, AIMPLAS

You can read BALIHT’s fourth newsletter by following this link.

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