BALIHT Project showcased by EU Research magazine

In its Spring 2023 edition, EU Research magazine disseminated the BALIHT project. Through interviews with Marta Perez from AIMPLAS and Thomas Hoole from Grupo Cobra, the magazine successfully explained the project’s objectives.

The two engineers acknowledged that only a few flow batteries have yet reached a High level of Technological Readiness (HTR). However, this is precisely what BALIHT aims to achieve: making flow batteries a viable solution for integrating renewable energy into the power grid. By utilizing cost-effective and organic materials and enabling high temperature tolerance, BALIHT flow battery strives to become a genuine option for facilitating the green transition.

In contrast to lithium-ion and vanadium batteries, M. Perez and T. Hoole emphasized the lack of necessity for a cooling system in BALIHT’s technology, resulting in significant energy savings. Additionally, the BALIHT technology ensures a slower rate of battery decay by keeping the electrolytes outside of the cells.

The project has now entered a series of tests to assess its Factory Acceptance, Battery Management System, and Site Acceptance. The on-site tests will be conducted in Ibiza, where the batteries will be connected to solar panels. If the test series proves successful, the next step would be to scale up the technology, making it a reliable and viable option for decarbonization.

You may find the Spring 2023 edition here.

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