On 7-8 July 2021, BALIHT consortium met online for the fourth General Assembly of the project. This General assembly is a milestone for the project, as it was held at mid-term of the project duration.

The GA was a special moment for all the partners, in particular for the work package leaders, to assess the results of the activities ran over the past year and a half. The presentations made by the partners allowed the whole consortium to take good note of the work progress and to remain confident on the good implementation of the project’s timetable, whose next steps will be the production, scale-up and installation of an organic redox flow battery suitable to work at high temperatures in Ibiza’s Harbour of Botafoc by 2022.

The partners involved in the research on the components and on the management systems of the battery explained the results obtained through their lab-testing and the next steps needed before moving on to a pre-industrial production. The General Assembly also allowed to get a better view of the work currently undertaken. The partners assessed their achievements with regard to the project objectives. A discussion occurred about the business models of the project’s expected results, which will allow BALIHT technologies to integrate the market in an effective way. The meeting was also the occasion to stress the increasing cooperation with other EU-funded research projects on RFBs, with the creation of FLORES, the Network for Flow Battery Research Initiatives.

The two-day Assembly was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, as a reflection of the good cooperation between the project’s partners. Plenty of comments and questions related to the work progress were made, showing the strong interest and implication of each of us to make this project successful.

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