Interview with our partner COBRA

As part of our series of interviews with BALIHT’s partners, Thomas Hoole from COBRA Group tells us more about their role in the project. 

What role does COBRA play in BALIHT project?

COBRA‘s main role inside the project, as a global EPC contractor with many years of experience in project development, design, engineering,  construction, operation, and maintenance, is to apply these experiences to the BALIHT technology. In BALIHT project, Cobra is responsible for the installation management; ensuring that all potential problems during the installation of the battery on-site are avoided and the installation and testing of the battery is done correctly. COBRA has also used its industrial knowhow to set the guidelines for proper operation and maintenance of this new technology and has developed innovative business models and economic valuations to prove the technology’s viability.

COBRA’s team involved in the project (from left to right: Thomas Hoole, Joel Amezcua): 


How do you coordinate the development of the final prototype of the battery with other partners?

The key to successfully coordinating the installation of the final prototype has been the close communication and contact with all the partners involved, together with an adequate planification of the installation process. Potential problems and bottle necks have been detected early and the relevant information has been related to all the partners involved.

What have been the main challenges faced by your team so far and how did you solve them?

One of the biggest challenges has been adapting to the developments in the technology. The BALIHT battery has evolved continuously throughout the project and the consortium has had to work hard to continuously adapt to the new features. Luckily, we have had reliable and professional partners that not only have handled the changes well but used them to push the project further than ever expected.

More about COBRA Group:

COBRA Instalaciones y Servicios is a company with more than 75 years of experience in all fields related to the engineering, installation and industrial maintenance of infrastructures. COBRA are world leader with the capacity to develop, create and operate industrial infrastructures that require a high level of service, based on excellence in integration, technological innovation and financial strength.

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