Interview with our partner TECNODIMENSION

As part of our series of interviews with BALIHT’s partners, Sergi Pallarès from TECNODIMENSION tells us more about their role in the project. 

What roles does TECNODIMENSION play in the implementation of BALIHT?

Tecnodimension is a at the forefront regarding technological challenges. The founder of the company, Jesús Pallarès, is passionate by this type of project, and even more, when it comes to sustainable projects for a better global future.

Baliht is a project that required high technology, so it was necessary to find the best way to manufacture modulable and flexible tanks. Indeed, it was essential to work by molding and returning to the same size without deformation while the battery is working.

When the idea of being part of this project was proposed to us, several questions appeared in our mind: What kind of sustainable and moldable material could withstand constant expansion and contraction work without any deterioration? Will it resist relative high temperature peaks without deformation? How can we build it to facilitate maintenance and/or cleaning tasks if it was necessary?

What are the main advantages of using flexible tanks in this project?

Once the Baliht consortium made us participate to this project, the first goal was to manufacture double textile membrane tanks. While, based on our experience, we decided to bet on a single membrane tank. Otherwise, in the case of using two membranes, we could find several problems such as the constant friction between the outer and inner fabric and the impossibility of total contraction. There was also a necessary insulation inside the tank. According to that, we decided to put a rigid covering tank that is protecting the whole flexible tank system. The greatest advantage of working with textile materials in this project is the possibility of fully expanding and contracting tanks when exchanging fluids. In this way, we avoid any type of contact that could deteriorate the whole system.

Manufacturing process at Tecnodimension facilities:

How would you describe the cooperation with other partners?

From the very beginning, upon receiving the proposal to participate in this project and seeing the other companies that participated in it, we knew that cooperation between partners would be the key. This type of project requires a lot of dedication and coordination, which is why the relationship between the participants must be easy and cooperative. In general, it is surprising to see how, in a relatively short period of time, thanks to the coordination between each part, the project achieves the objectives established from the beginning. For our part, we are very satisfied and excited about the promising future of the BALIHT project.

Tecnodimension team involved in BALIHT project: Jesús Pallarès, Director; Sergi Pallères, Sales Department; Josep Masferrer, Engineer.


Tecnodimension is a Spanish company implied in the textile sector. Created in 2002, Tecnodimension is working on inflatable structures and textile architecture. Its aim is to provide solutions thanks to infinite number of forms, either inflatables or not, and textile manufactured. Tecnodimension gathers committed professionals who create and develop each project to reach a result that is always a perfect balance between engineering, technology and design.

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