Webinar – Safe and Sustainable-by-design approaches for energy storage systems

Dr. Carlos Felipe Blanco, Assistant Professor of Industrial Ecology at the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the University of Leiden, presented a webinar on Safe and Sustainable-by-design approaches for energy storage systems. The webinar builds on the work undertaken by our partners from University of Leiden to analyse the performances of an organic redox flow battery like BALIHT. 

What to expect? 

If you missed it, you will find the presentation of the following topics in the linked video: 

  1. (02’24”) – Motivation  
  2. (06’16”) – Safe and Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD)  
  3. (09’25”) – Case study: Organic Redox-flow Batteries  
  4. (14’04”) – Ecological Risk assessment  
  5. (24’25”) – Environmental Life Cycle Assessment  
  6. (38’00”) – Social Life Cycle Assessment 

Click here to watch the full webinar! 

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